The way this page is meant to work is as follows:

  1.  Each training segment is broken down into an explanation video, followed by a 3-6 minute segment. In classes, we use this 3-6 minute approach with many drills. As leaders know, repetition is the mother of skill. However, repetition is also, many times, “boring”. Therefore, when you do the drill the first time…follow along with the instructions. When you repeat the dill, change something (ex. change direction, change sides, etc.) Champions KNOW that the more they practice (with correct habits), the more likely they will be at success.
  2. CLEAR OUT a time for your training. No pokemon hunting while you are training! It is best to set aside 2-4 days a week … 40-60 minutes at a time for a complete training session. Of course, you can reference the drills, and train ANYTIME you have some free time.
  3. START with the WARM UP SECTION. Don’t overlook how important warming your muscles up is. This also gives your mind the chance to get focused on what you are about to do. 5-8 minutes of warm up is typically sufficient.
  4. Determine WHAT you would like to train on (the mindset of Sparring is far different than the mindset of Forms). Then, choose the segments accordingly. We have laid the workout options with CLEAR TITLES so you will know how to create a class that will help you.
  5. IF you are choosing CURRICULUM, you will need to do the DAILY TRAINING first, then move over to the “Videos Section” which is where the curriculum is broken down for you.
  6. As a BONUS, if you submit a VIDEO of yourself training (using this website), you will earn a SILVER STRIPE on your belt – – no matter what color belt you are wearing. SILVER is a precious metal, and the silver stripe represents that you take your martial arts seriously – and have no problem doing what others may not do!


“Move the Right Way”

“100+ Punches”

“Apbahl” (Front Leg Round Kick)



STRETCHING (Before/After Working Out)



FLOOR DRILLS (Curriculum)

SPARRING DRILLS (Response & Reaction Drills)