Confidence through Self-Defense

(a Child/Parent Workshop)

Hosted through our Non-Profit “Arm Yourself With Confidence, inc.”

Confidence is the degree of certainty we have in our ability to successfully achieve our goals AND our resiliency to withstand the threats, mistakes and challenges along the way. In self-defense, confidence is the degree of trust that you have in your “LEGITIMATE” ability to successfully respond to a threatening or violent situation. A child can be bullied at any age. When a child knows how to defend themselves against a ‘bully’, they know how to defend themselves against anyone that means them harm. One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the ability to defend themselves. Just KNOWING how to defend themselves means they will be less likely to have to resort to physical means to de-escalate a situation. Whether that is a 9 year old telling a 12 year old that is picking on him to “BACK OFF!” or a teenage daughter telling her ‘boy’-friend that she is serious when she says “No!” Having the inner confidence of knowing how to handle situations that ‘could’ get out of control actually gives children the ability to keep control of those situations!

We have Confidence courses for all age groups. Of course, with the Covid-19 at the forefront of society, we are doing these confidence courses slightly different than we used to! First change – – the PARENT is the PARTNER! When we host our Confidence Courses, the parent will be the ‘bad guy’ attacking their child. This is great in several aspects. #1 – the Parent will know EXACTLY what to help their child with so they can practice at home (which is why we can keep this course extremely short!) #2 – the Child will feel completely comfortable learning the self-defense moves since they are doing it with their parent! #3 – The PARENT actually gets a “free course” in self-defense since many of the same moves would apply to them in a self-defense situation!

How Much?


How Long?

40-50 minutes (Depending on the group size)

How Do I Schedule?

Call us at (281) 360-5460

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Who is this course designed for?

Girls ages 6 – 11

Boys ages 6 – 11


Empowering girls through self-defense gives them an edge in life. They are confident in their ability to defend themselves AND aware of their circumstances to stay out of trouble.


Giving young boys the confidence of knowing they can defend themselves against bullies is huge. NO parent wants their son to be bullied by others. Understanding how to ‘get away’ from grabs/holds gives young boys the confidence they need to stand up for themselves.

Boys ages 12 – 16

Girls ages 12 – 16

Father and teenage son standing outdoors --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis

Teenage Boys WANT to do the ‘right thing.’ They WANT to please their parents, and be able to ‘walk away from a fight.’ However, most don’t know HOW they would be able to defend themselves in an altercation. Therefore, the ability to ‘walk away’ becomes defined as being “weak”. Just the opposite is true. Once a teenager realizes the devastation they could impose on another human being…walking away becomes the RIGHT thing to do.


Girls in their teenage years have so much joy in life! Let’s give them the ability to defend themselves against anyone that wants to ‘steal that joy’ in any way. When a teenage girl realizes the POWER she has by knowing effective self-defense measures, she is able to CONTROL the situations around her – instead of the situations controlling her! This is the gift of a lifetime!