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See what people all over the Kingwood (and Atascocita, Humble, Porter, New Caney) area are saying about Battenberg's Martial Arts & Fitness

Battenberg's Martial Arts & Fitness Reviews

Here you’ll see what lots of other people in the Kingwood and surrounding areas (like Atascocita, Humble, Porter, New Caney) are saying about  Battenberg's Martial Arts & Fitness.

If you’re looking for the best Taekwondo program(s) in Kingwood read these reviews, then visit our location to see for  yourself. Battenberg's Martial Arts & Fitness will empower you with the self-defense and self-improvement programs you’ve been searching for!

Julie Davis
martial arts reviews

My Son Has Grown Into Such a Great Person…
“As a young graduate of the Karate Kub program, my son should earn his 1st degree black belt at the age of 10 and his physical abilities amaze me daily!  Through learning Taekwondo, he has learned to be graceful, agile, strong, and fast.  But the lessons have not just been about improving his physical condition; it has also nurtured his spirit!  He is a confident little boy who knows himself well and does not succumb to peer pressure.  He is quick to stand up for his friends and is ready to defend just about anyone he sees being bullied.  He does not need his physical skills for this because his spirit is strong and he is firm in his convictions!  His confidence, strong spirit and big heart are all he seems to need!  I thank the Battenbergs for helping me to mold him into such a great person in addition to teaching him martial arts!”
—Julie Davis

Carlos Ospina
martial arts reviews

The Environment and Instructors Set Everyone Up for Success!
“Living with a power ranger at home makes you look for a great martial arts school. So when our kid started kicking and punching as a power ranger, we started looking everywhere, until we found  the Battenberg’s Martial Arts & Fitness.  This school was great for our son because he was learning the art of Taekwondo art and much more!  The principles and the life skills taught by the Battenbergs were reflected inside and outside the academy. We loved the family owned feeling at the school; the friendly environment and the way the instructors set everyone up for success.  It made us decide to try it ourselves.  We found out that it does not matter if you are 4 or 45, the Masters will help you succeed, and so here we are, three Black Belts kicking together as a family. The experience is totally worthy, we compete with each other, we support each other and our family has never been as strong, both physically and spiritually. Our gratitude goes to the Battenberg family for giving us this experience and letting us be part of their  big family”
—Carlos Ospina

Preito family
martial arts reviews
Joining BMA is joining a caring, nurturing family…

“After 9-11, we were required to return to the USA from an overseas assignment. Our Son Joey, who was 11 at the time, was struggling with having to leave his previous home for nearly 8 years. We moved to Kingwood, where we had no previous ties or family. One big aspect of our son’s life was that he had been attending a Karate dojo for the past 5 years that he enjoyed greatly – – as well as having many friends who had advanced with him through the years there.

When we arrived in Kingwood we felt that having him once again join an activity he truly enjoyed would help smooth the transition and provide him with a sense of belonging.  We  visited two Martial arts schools in Kingwood and after only a day in each he was very frustrated. He did not like the instructor’s attitudes, the curriculum, or the feel of the schools.  We were ready to give up and resign to the fact that he would not continue in Martial Arts that he loved so much.

All this changed when we visited the Battenberg’s Martial Arts & Fitness. Immediately after his first trial visit he insisted that we sign him up. That young boy is now 22 and recently graduated from the University. When he joined BBA he not only gained an outstanding education in martial arts but joined a caring, nourishing family. He made immediate friends and enjoyed over a decade of camaraderie all while learning leadership and values that has helped him in every aspect of his teenage years and will continue to do so through his life.  In fact, not only is he a 3rd degree black belt, but his two younger sisters also are now a 3rd and 2nd degree Black belt as well as part of the Demo and Jr Leadership teams. They had joined as young tiny tigers but are today excellent responsible Teenagers again thanks no small part to the Battenbergs and their teaching of loyalty,  team spirit, values and of course, outstanding Martial Arts.  ”

—The Prieto Family

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