What is Battenberg’s After School Martial Arts Program?

Our After School Program Builds Confidence!


Our After School Martial Arts Program is a special program where we provide martial arts instruction to school-aged children (usually 6 to 12 years old) after their regularly scheduled academic school day. This program is designed to develop and prepare leaders for unlimited success. 

As a special service, we offer to pick up the children from select local schools, and transport them to our martial arts school. Our program lasts until about 6:00pm. Obviously, for parents, this provides an attractive and constructive ALTERNATIVE to traditional day care. For the students, it provides a safe place for them to get healthy exercise, and compliment their academic education with character building martial arts education.

Battenberg’s After School Martial Arts Program is definitely NOT day care! We are in the business of martial arts instruction, and our objective-based curriculum clearly shows our instructional intent. The most important activity we do is teach martial arts. Our After School Program is a unique curriculum of leadership training and character development based on martial arts principles that goes hand-in-hand with martial arts classroom instruction.

Within our After School Martial Arts Program, you will find 4 kinds of activities.

  1. Traditional martial arts training
  2. Skill building physical activities/drills
  3. Leadership building mental activities/drills
  4. Character building activities

Our After School Martial Arts Program MISSION STATEMENT: “To provide a safe environment that motivates the total child to reach his or her full potential through the martial arts. Our positive lessons will provide a balanced exercise program with leadership training and character building activities that will encourage the child’s ultimate success!”

There is no other After School Program for children in Kingwood with all these benefits!

For more information, please call 281-360-5460. You can also submit your information on our After School Martial Arts Program Page and we will get back in touch with you.

Masters Jeff and Reneé Battenberg

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